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founding philosophy

one small helping hand can be a miracle for someone.

SUNHAENG believes everyone has power to produce miracles.



SUNHAENG is trying to set up a variety of service cultures besides donations or service that everyone knows.

We fairly distribute warm hearts to all by the registration of sponsorship activities

Service Spirit without Discrimination

SUNHAENG serves individuals and groups without discrimination.

According to this spirit, we support the underprivileged who have not easily received help and the vulnerable who need help but are not aware of the ways.



SUNHAENG is fully transparent and discloses how we use sponsored MERCI through an annual internal audit and an external audit once a year, and we are spreading the spirit of sharing with the help of volunteer experts.



SUNHAENG has cooperated with domestic and overseas NGOs for the rights and independence of socially disadvantaged people in domestic and overseas regions. By working with experts in each field, we have been able to provide faster and more efficient support.

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