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donating organization
SUNHAENG + driving angels
about the company

01. You're Angel.

Some of the charges are in favor of Angel, who promotes the driving angel.

Also, it is reported that the victims of traffic accidents are children and low-income boy and girl leaders.

02. We are Angel.

Safe driving for your homecoming and ask for your safety the next day.

I’d like to take care of you as a living platform as well as a proxy driver.

03. Join the Angel.

A good chauffeur with good manners and driving skills is standing by.

In addition, in case of an emergency, the 112 situation room is loaded with customer information just by phone.

Your golden time is guaranteed.

Best of Best

Excellent drivers with good manners and driving skills provide the best service


Part of the fee is used to support traffic accident children and low-income children and their leaders.


With "safe me",

i'll keep your safe

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