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Merci angel card?







How to work Merci angel card?

• MERCI ANGEL MasterCard, based in Hong Kong, is based on media, luxury, finance, capital markets, airlines, distribution industries, and China. It is a global card company operated by experts in Asian brand marketing.

• MERCI ANGEL is a prepaid master card that charges encrypted currency to the card the easiest and fastest way to use it like cash.

• MERCI ANGEL has 37 million stores and a global network. These stores offer a variety of privileges, incentives, accessibility, and discounts to cardholders on the ANGEL platform.

• MERCI ANGEL MasterKey holders can easily and securely pay for travel not only in their countries but also around the world. Benefit from foreign exchange transactions.

Merci angel card benefit


MERCI ANGEL card can be used anywhere in the foreign country if the master card is a member.

We will continue to support various languages and currencies.


MERCI ANGEL provides international benefits, discounts, and privileges, unlike those generally limited.

It's optimized for shopping around the world.


Parents can use MERCI ANGEL card to fund their children's studies.

It helps you transfer and use money more effectively.


MERCI ANGEL will pay and invest in foreign insurance

It's effective and smooth.


MERCI ANGEL has partnerships with many medical institutions, making it easy to book a hospital, and so on.

(We are currently reviewing partnerships with medical companies in Korea)

The artificial person

The company provides employees with MERCI ANGELs, so they can spend more effectively on overseas trips.

It allows you to enjoy sightseeing.

Gift card

The MERCI ANGEL can be used by charging HK $3,000 without the need for a separate registration.

It's good for people around you.

MERCI ANGEL MasterCard is available anywhere.

a world-wide store

37 million
(Excluding mainland China)

28 million



Daily transaction limit

RMB 85,000

RMB 31,800

RMB 10,000

RMB 10,000

POS Installation Confirmation

Existing POS device Use

on Union Pay

a fitted POS device

Additional POS
Part of the device Installati on required

Additional POSPart of the device Installati on required

merci angel mastercard