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SUNHAENG strives to create a new donation culture and

a service culture by developing a donation coin called MERCI


MERCI COIN is a donation coin developed by SUNHAENG

It is the coin that will help set up a new donation culture and a service culture with the theme of donation, dedication, love and service.


You can donate MERCI directly through the MERCI platform or by posting comments on the bulletin board that verifies your service or donation from anywhere.


1. Donation of Sponsorship Activities

Upload your good deeds from anywhere to the sponsorship activity bulletin board of the MERCI Platform.

Once the authorization is completed under the manager’s approval, the appropriate amount of donation coin will be credited to the donation coin purse.


2. Direct MERCI Donation

This is a way to donate directly to the donation wallet address listed at the top of the MERCI platform main or the donation menu. In this way, those who have purchased MERCI from a coin exchange can donate them, or those who have a Master Node status and have been given the coins can directly donate them.


SUNHAENG will continue to endeavor to make the donated MERCI COIN to be worthy in reality.

Listing on a Coin Exchange

The first moment when the donated MERCI COIN becomes worthy.

The value of MERCI will continue to rise as the coin is listed and traded on the Coin Exchange.

Corporate Point Partnership

We will cooperate with each company so that the points provided by companies can be exchanged with MERCI COIN, or the coin can be used instead of the company points according to their matching value.

Point transformation MERCI Platform

To make more efficient use of current excess points and mileages, we will work on the usage of the coin so that the points or mileages that have limited usage can be converted to MERCI COIN in the point conversion platform developed by the MERCI.

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